2013 Missions trip to the Dominican Republic

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2013 Mission Trip

Dominican Republic.

Prayerful accomplishments

Very much is accomplished t

Preparing for the outreach

Prayer is an essential ingr

Still from the forefront

Kids are such a precious as

Acting out the Gospel Message

The Gospel in action

Prayer & Street Ministry

Extending the love of God t

Illustrating the Good News

Illustrating the Good News

Transportation is a luxury

Transportation is a luxury,

Teaching and Praying

Watering the spoken or demo

Children and team members

A very integral part of our

You should have been there

Stretching your faith and b

A beautiful surrounding

What a beautiful land

Reaching one person at a time

The beauty of it all is tha

A City in the Dominican Republic

In the mission field, Domin

Through the eyes of a child

The innocent sounds of a ch

All things about missions

There are those moments whe

Reaching lives

Reaching people and touchin

Team at work

The mission filed experienc

Teaching with Compassion

Reaching the children with

Still other members of the team

Still other members of the



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