Fall of 2019 Hybrid Option

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Fall of 2019 Hybrid Option

The 2019 Hybrid Program


Charis Hybrid is a unique blend if independent study and face-to-face with administrators and other students who are determined to go deeper with God. You'll study courses at home, but then join your fellow classmates in person. This interaction will help you put into practive what you've studied on your own..



Thursday Evenings 6:00-9:30. Class time is a combination of class sessions, live interactive courses, fellowship, and ministry practice times. The program is available at either the Plymouth campus or the Lake Elmo location. PLEASE SPECIFIY ON APPLICATION IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND THE LAKE ELMO LOCATION OR THE PLYMOUTH CAMPUS.

At home study 3 – 50 minute class sessions each week. You will be set up with an on line account which will give you access to both video and audio formats of teachings. Between weekly class nights you will complete 3 class sessions.

Guest Speakers

Once per term : One time per trimester we have an instructor from Colorado. They are here two nights. All students are required to attend both nights.

It is a Wednesday and Thursday evening 6:00-9:30 once per trimester. Schedule will be available at orientation with specified dates.

Misc. required attendance nights

1. Orientation: September 3rd 6:00-8:30 pm. Orientation for all students is Tuesday September 3rd. At this time you will go through orientation, get your syllabus, student lanyard and pay tuition and fee.

2. Christmas Party is tentatively scheduled for Monday night December 16th. This replaces your regular class night for the week. You will then be on Christmas break for 3 weeks.

3. Graduation: Tentatively scheduled for May 2nd 2020 1:00-4:00 pm

Optional attendance days

Healing School: 2nd Monday of every month 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Healing School is a great place to learn more of what the word says specifically about healing and how to minister healing to others. It is not a requirement for incoming 1st year students to attend



Charis Bible College focuses exclusively on the Bible as our main textbook. This means when you become a student, you will learn about the Bible and your relationship with God more than ever before!



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