Who is Man?

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Arthur Meintjes
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Second Year

Just as there is a grossly inaccurate concept and belief about God in the hearts of so many believers today, there is also an equally destructive and crippling belief in the hearts of believers about the value of man. One thing that we must understand about religion and legalism is that it is designed to destroy all dignity and worth. That is why people who are deeply involved in religion and legalism invariably end up with no sense of self worth, value or dignity. If we as Christians are not taught and instructed in a proper Biblical sense of self worth that is based on gospel truth, we will always struggle to get Bible truth to work in our lives on a consistent basis. If what we believe does not make us feel good about our relationship with God and good about ourselves, it will be very difficult to get the truth of the New Testament to work for me on a consistent basis.


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