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Lori Balma, Director, Charis Bible College - Minneapolis Campus
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An essential ingredient to receiving answers and understanding the scriptures.

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Why Attend Charis?

God has a plan and purpose for your life


Are you hungry for more of the truth of the Gospel

Closer Walk

Do you want a closer relationship with God


Better Equipped

Would you like to be better equipped to minister to others

God's Purpose

Are you longing to discover God's purpose for your life


Feel Called

Do you feel called to the ministry but unprepared


Reaching the Lost

Do you have a heart to reach the lost but need help in getting started

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Life Foundations is a cornerstone course at Charis Bible College taught by instructors Mike and Carrie Pickett.

What Others Are Saying

About Our Bible Centered Curricula

I have been healed from acid reflux disease. I can eat and enjoy my food. No pain or discomfort!. Thanks for all your prayers.

Barbara, Minneapolis, Student

For 21 months I suffered with an injury to both of my hands .Through teaching and prayer that I received through Charis Bible College my hands are now completely healed.

Paul. Minneapolis, Student

My wonderful wife goes to school here and I get Blessed because she comes home and shares some awesome truth with me


I am a student here. I love this school and you just need to come and experience it. Come and see that The Lord is Good indeed. Forever will be grateful to God for this school.

ChiChi, Minneapolis, Student

Academic Breakdown

The various methods of learning at CBC

Correspondence Student

Correspondence students a unique part of our school

Second Year Entry Students

We typically see these many students joining in their second year

Online Learning

We accommodate the busiest schedules through our online and distance learning

Campus Student Enrolment

Total enrolled students who attend on campus classes

Photo Gallery & Recent Posts

Spring Prayer Walk-a-thon

Healing Drama

Charis Biblel College, Minneapolis: Drama Team

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07 Aug
"The Wall" - Charis Bible College

The Wall

The Wall - A creative evangelistic performance piece, in Cologne and Berlin, Germany

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07 Aug
Happy - Pharrell Williams  (CBC Version 2014)

Happy (CBC Version 2014)

Happy (CBC Version 2014) - Charis Bible College, Woodland Park, Colorado

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Using the as the textbook for all instruction


Charis Bible College focuses exclusively on the Bible as our main textbook. This means when you become a student, you will learn about the Bible and your relationship with God more than ever before!



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